11 June 2006

Catching Up

Every day or two I think, "Hey, I ought to blog about xxxx." Then I remember that I have not blogged in months, and maybe I won't remember how, or I'll have to spent too much time on this just to catch up...

Excuses, excuses. Here's what's happened since I fell off the Earth in January:

-- Work is great. If I could have written my own job description, it would be this job. It is especially nice to have a 13-mile commute on all back roads with no traffic. Yippee!!

-- The Camaro has gone into foster care, possibly adoption to new handlers. I traded him in on... wait for it... a new Mini Cooper. Yellow, convertible. I always wanted a convertible, and now that I live in a place of eternal summer, I deserve this. In some future blog I will debate whether I have been a good girl to deserve such a fun car or a naughty girl to deserve a car that demands to be driven topless even when it is 97 degrees (F) and 97% humidity. Either way, I am loving it.

-- The wonderful two-story townhouse I had been renting since last summer now has new inhabitants; I have (gasp) bought a house. It's a cute one-story house with huge trees in an established neighborhood, and it is almost exactly (within 0.1 miles) the same distance from work as the townhouse.

--The dog is loving her new backyard with trees & more space to romp. The house is also witin walking distance of one of The Woodlands' great dog parks, if only it were not 97 degrees and 97% humidity.

Pix to come. I moved on 3 June and have not yet managed to hook up the PC for a number of reasons (redoing the flooring shortly, PC hard drive kablooie, dearth of cable/ethernet outlets in old house, etc.) I'm working on the Mac but iPhoto is apparently not equipped to resize photos for the Web (how dumb is that?) and Picasa is not available for the Mac (grrr).


Robbie said...

Glad to hear you peep in the parts and to hear that life is good. I find that I drive very rarely with my top down, convertible top that is. If I'm commuting to or fro I think yuk I'll end up sitting behind some foul smelling bus or truck. If I'm out running errands, I don't want to have to put it up and down every place I stop. etc. etc.

Terre d'Esprit said...

It's great to have you back! I missed you!

Wil said...

Well dahlink, it is so fine to have you back. Don't go silent on us for so long again, y'hear?

My wife is severely jealous of your Mini Cooper -- that's her idea of the car to buzz around town in.

Congrats on the new job. So nice to pick one right once in a while, isn't it?

Welcome to the wonderful world of home ownership. Time to buy those automatic sprinklers and get them installed -- you are so not a morning person...

Hi and a pat on the butt to the mutt. Remind her that rattlesnakes exist there, too, so keep her nose out of places and things that she shouldn't be getting into (fat chance of that...)