30 July 2006


Fireplace and reading room with old floor

Fireplace and reading room while they are still working

Fireplace and reading room after mom & the dog have gotten comfortable with the new floor & rug!

TV space & cool front window with the old floor

TV space and cool front window with the new floor & rug

When I look at these pictures in the preview mode of blogger, I realize it's hard to see the difference in colors between the floors. The old floor was very light and didn't look very much like "wood"; this is more rich & cherry-stained with more realistic graining and wood color variations. Maybe this photo shows it best, although I didn't copy over a similar one of the 'before':

Entry to the house with the new, darker floor

I'm thrilled with it :) I'm still mad at Home Depot for making me wait two months for it without any communication, but I'm happy that it's finally in. The installers that Home Depot subcontracted did a great job & were very professional, and that part, at least, went great.


Robbie said...

The floor looks great!

The Food Lady said...

Lucky you!!! The floor looks fantastic! And I love your cool rugs...