28 October 2006

So many movies....

What a great list of movies we have on the list! The Martian notes that he has seen a number of them and has 'heard of' most. Some of them, I hadn't even heard of, so it will be fun to look them up.

The funny thing is that seeing the list was like seeing a list of favorite music. Just seeing/hearing/thinking the name of the movie (or song) evokes some memory of where you were, who you were when you first saw it, or how you felt after you saw it.

Some of those "Great American Movies" are films that I saw in history classes. The older movies made you *feel* something: Pride, often; shame, sometimes, or maybe just a wish that the world was not such a cruel place. Even when a movie ends with ET waving good-bye and promising he'll always he in a little boy's heart, you wish, you wish, you wish the world had not chased him away. You wish nobody ever had a reason to make American History X or Birth of a Nation. You wish the world were a different place. So we make movies where we may struggle a bit, and some may not live to see it, but in the end, everybody lives happily ever after.

I like our optimism.

Blockbuster has extended my "Rewards" membership for six months, free! Because I'm such a good customer (who has not rented a movie in ... a long time). This special add-on to a normal Blockbuster membership gets you one free movie a month and then some specials for rent-one-get-x-free and some other random, occasional discounts. When the Danish hordes descended on my house last summer, it was a great deal because everybody seemed to like to watch movies in the evenings. But I don't really watch all that many movies alone.

However, the 'media room' in mom & dad's new house, with its 92-in. high-definition monster screen and leather recliners with cup-holders, is pretty awesome. And as long as I bring over a new movie every time I visit, I might be able to avoid seeing "Top Gun" for the 200th time....


The Food Lady said...

Okay, like what is WRONG with watching Top Gun that many times?? You talk about Russell Crow and his merits in your other post, so you will know what I mean when I say that Tom Cruise is my steak of choice. Well, let me qualify that by saying that he is great to look at-- he has become quite weird lately, but that doesn't take away his steakly features.

In fact, I will tell you a secret-- just between the two of us, k? Last week at one of the meetings I ran, I had the unusual request for an audiocassette player. I had no means to test it, until I remembered that I had my Top Gun Soundtrack in the secret drawer underneath the passenger seat in my car... I didn't want anyone to know I kept that cassette in its secret place!! So don't tell!

I digress. Happy Birthday!

Lee said...

I can't believe that none of us mentioned "To Kill a Mockingbird"...it has to be the ultimate of all movies!

And a happy birthday to you from me! :)

Lee said...

I promise I won't tell anyone that you keep the 'Top Gun' soundtrack in a secret drawer underneath the passenger seat in your car, the food lady, I promise I won't!

I've never been a fan of Tom Cruise...never have been able to understand all the 'hoo-ha' over him...and even less so now but each to their own...we all see and like different things in different people.