21 February 2007


The ankles are fine, says me. I don't need to spend $xx to have a medical doctor tell me that I'm healed. I jumped on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes on Monday night and 20 minutes last night. I am fine, just fine.

Oh, sure, I still feel twinges. Sure, my ankles are still a little larger than normal. But I'm fine. Today I even parked in the normal parking lot, walked the half mile (<-- exaggeration alert) to my building and took the stairs up to my third-floor office.

In short, it was a normal day. It was even a fairly normal weather day, with temps back near 80 (79 and sunny on my way home, according to the car's thermometer) and loads of sunshine. It's the kind of day that we are due after two days of working out inside.

The dog is panting her tongue out, having just come in from a fine romp around the backyard with her favorite ball. If she gets her breath back before dark, we'll go back out there for a few more minutes later on, just to make sure we've maximized her potential energy release.

No news on the dating front. I wish I could help you live more vicariously but there is just not much to say. I'm frustrated by guys who are 47 - 52 and only interested in women 28 - 35. I am frustrated by guys who never respond. I am frustrated by guys who play games with names & photos to see which version of themselves attracts the best fish.

There's a great Tim Allen routine that pretty much sums up my PMS-laden frustrations at the moment: "Men are pigs."

I vaguely remember that this is one reason why I've never been much into 'dating.'

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Lee said...

Firstly, I'm glad to her you are now 'mended', Steph.

As for dating, I've never been one for dating, not even in my teens. To me it is a very awkward situation in which to place one's self. I've not dated, as such for years and years and can't see me doing so again in the near or distant future. I kinda figure if I'm going to meet someone special, I will...and I much prefer entertaining at home than going out on dates...within my own space, with my own music, culinary skills, wine etc. Anyway, I'm a bit like you...I have a guy who is miles and miles away across the wide, blue/green/grey ocean...his intellect, humour, character suits me and I know I'm not going to find another that comes up to par...so I have to deal with the distances in between, hard though that may be.