13 October 2007

Is it me?

I'm struggling with the word "modest," myself. If you blog, can you really be said to be 'modest'?

Also, some 2/3 of all people who have visited the site have been paired with lions. Is this a statement about the kind of people who are on the "New Line Productions" e-mail list, or people who are interested in 'fantasy' type stories?

Edited: Hey, I just changed into a ferret!


Wil said...

I went through the questions and now your daemon is some kind of Lynx!? Hmmm...

Feel free to visit The Daily Snooze to mess with my daemon, too.

Smukke said...

Egads, Wil, I changed you into a .... oh dear. I apologize. I hope you do not have arachnophobia.