27 December 2006

Owch, Redux

They talked me into a doctor visit. Left one is broken. Right one is just smacked around.

Doc said if I move the left one in the next two weeks he is going to knock me out and put a screw in it to hold it in place. So I'm not moving.

When I can just sit here with such fashionable footwear, why move?????


The Food Lady said...

Oh, double ouch. : ( Now the Martian will have to move the mistletoe above the couch!

Wil said...

Well, that sucks the hairy Wahzoo...

Make it so -- don't move. Let the bloody thing heal enough that the orthopod puts away the scalpel, screws and stainless steel braces. I know it's going to really bum you and the Martian, but the alternative is really bad - SWMBO broke the left ankle first summer she was here and still hasn't recovered fully because she was a damned fool and went back to work as a floor nurse after four weeks.

Anything I can send you?