10 December 2006

Playing with the Mac :)

Macs are fun :) See Plasq for more information about the ComicLife software I used to make this little window into my day. I can't seem to convince Blogger to publish it big enough to read it on my screen, but if you click on the image, it will open as a larger (i.e., readable) image.

Dog n Squirrel

(Yes, there's a fire in the fireplace. It's freakin' cold here. The Martian -- who is due here on Friday -- reports that it's colder in Houston than in Denmark. That just ain't right.)

I'm still playing with the 30 days of free trial on the Comic Life, but it is fun so far:


Wil said...

Cute, muy cute-o! Tell big brother he has no reason for fratricide -- you disguised his identity with a bathrobe, heheheh.

Sorry to hear it's been so cold. It was 7°F here one morning this week...

Lee said...

You must be looking forward to Friday. I hope you and the Martian have a wonderful Christmas/New Year...stay warm...well, no doubt you will! :)