18 November 2005

Blogspot comments

Is anybody else out there so dyslexic or blind that they have trouble leaving comments on Blogspot journals?

They have the little boxes of letters that may or may not keep spammers from commenting about their totally X-rated cheap-o Viagara ripoff or whatever. This is a nice feature, seriously, except that sometimes the fonts are hard to read, and some of us have trouble with random letters. At least when Ticketmaster does it, it's usually a word. Words I can handle.

Yesterday I was leaving a comment for somebody... Robbie I think... and there was a character in the box that was either a 'g' or a 'q'. In the font in question, it could have been either. I guessed wrong. At least it didn't make me retype my comment, and it did give me another set of letters to try.

And that is one step better than Xanga, where I can't get the letters to show up on my screen at all, even when I right click to "Show Picture." I've been trying to comment on Remo's journal for some days now, but I can't get the letters to show up. Sorry bud.


KathyZee said...

I sometimes end up double commenting because I don't see the comment show up the first time. BUT, while things may not be perfect here (I too have guessed wrong)today it's better than the technical and insulting hell -- you know where.

V said...

Yikes! I know how you feel!
I`m playing trombone with those letters!


Robbie said...

Yeah! The "g's" and "q's" are confusing to me too. I have to stop and pause and think whether I see a hook or not. No hook, it's a "q."

I've had complaints of people having problems. I'm thinking of switching it to moderating instead of the password.

Peachy said...

I think I figured out that it takes a minute to "publish" comments and posts here. I was going insane, thinking my latest entry wasn't showing up. I've since learned patience. (I'm not always blessed with that.)

I'm here, too! Peachy


Shelly said...

Yeah, the word verification is tough sometimes, but you can turn it off if you want. And it's like a game to me now. If I miss it, I get another chance. I copy my comment to the clipboard, just in case, tho.

And yes, it has cut down my comment spam greatly, but I recently added comment moderation because someone was leaving free iPod comment spam. It's easier to delete unpublished comments than published ones. :)