22 November 2005

E-mail notifications

For my fellow AOL ex-pats who miss (or whose readers miss) the friendly notifications of new blog listings, I have dug up some options.

I use Bloglines to track all my various subscriptions, AOL & otherwise. I've been using this for a while, long before the nonsense with the ads, because it's a quick way to see everything new on your favorite blogs. It's also extremely easy to use & add/drop blogs as they move around. I just log into Bloglines whenever I have time, and see who has new goodies. You can also use Bloglines to track blogs & other assorted stuff that has the right sort of 'feed.' I have added a button on the right column of this blog to easily add this blog to your Bloglines subscription.

For those who don't have a long list of blogs to watch, or who prefer not to log onto a Web site to see what's new, you can sign up for e-mail notifications about updates, via Bloglet or Feedblitz. They appear to be very similar, if not identical, services, so you only need to subscribe to one.

There may be other options for notification, but this seems like plenty to me.

1 comment:

Astaryth said...

I already knew about Bloglines before the Banner Ad Invasion, but had just been lazy. Most of my Journals were on AOL and the Alert system (while occasionally wonky) was just too easy. Non-AOL blogs were kept in a favorites folder and checked periodically. It was working, and I'm a big one for not messing with anything that's working ;)

Since switching over to Bloglines, I gotta say I'm Lovin' it! AND my mailbox is so much easier to face! Also, I like being able to see what journal has updates WITHOUT opening an e-mail. Nice!