21 November 2005

Poor dog

Lakrids went to see Santa over the weekend. The Woodlands Dog Park Club had a "Paws with Claus" event at which some 60-70 pets (one cat) sat on Santa's lap at one of the members' homes.

Small world: "Santa" was a friend from geocaching.

The event was a fund-raiser, as are most of this club's activities. It's a very rescue-oriented group. So I don't feel that I 'wasted' the $10 on a 'photo with Santa,' but the photo on this page is from my own digital camera, not the instant camera that the supposedly professional 'furtographer" was using. Her photo is way too dark, the dog is not looking toward the camera, and Santa has a look of abject fear, as if a vicious dog had just been dumped on his lap. (In mine, he just looks bedraggled, as if a pesty lick-machine was wiggling all over him, which she was.)

I won't blame the 'furtographer' since I'm sure she was not using her own camera. But based on what I saw at this event, it would be more cost-effective (not wasting so much film redoing bad shots) and provide members with higher quality images if they used a digital camera & printed the pictures on a nice computer/printer.

Does anybody really use an instant camera anymore? I think I still have one, but I don't even know if you can buy film for the old thing anymore. Speaking of film... does anybody use that stuff anymore?


V said...


You like the "Pern" series??

Astaryth said...

Morgan's first Christmas we had her picture taken at PetSmart with Santa. She was 6 months old at the time and was thrilled this person wanted to hold her... She loved (and still loves) practically every person she meets. The lady there was using one of those 'instant' cameras too. I wasn't all that pleased with the quality of the pic, but like you knew the money was going to a pet charity so I wasn't too upset. What I did was scan the pic into my computer and 'fixed' it -g-

Lakrids is ADORABLE, as always!

Robbie said...

Too cute! I have some of those disposable cameras laying around that I'm almost too ashamed to use. Do people actually get pictures developed any more is more the question. I've had my camera well over a year and taken thousands of pictures. But, have yet to develope a one. LOL!

Wil said...

Being a curmudgeon and a trogladyte, I still use film. I have the cameras and lenses that I accumulated over some 30 years of on & off again infatuation with images.

That's not to say I don't like my digital camera, too. Just find I can do stuff on film that I can't do with my digital camera.

And so it goes...

Anonymous said...

Greetings...I am a reporter for The Courier/Houston Community Newspapers/The Villager...and I'm working on a story on geocaching. I'm curious if you would allow me to interview you on the subject...Brad Meyer, bmeyer@hcnonline.com or (936) 442-3419. Thanks!