02 December 2005

Blog pet

"Purp" is my silly new puppy, a virtual dog that everyone can pet. He won't poop on my blog (I hope) or jump on visitors as my real live dog does, and he's ... purple. See him there on the right of the screen.

He enjoys being petted, or if you hold a treat over his head, he'll jump for it.

Amazingly, the real live dog is not the least bit interested in Purp's fake barks. Put a picture of a cat in front of her, and she goes nuts. Watch a TV show featuring animals, and she goes nuts. [Thus belying the myth that dogs can't 'see' television.] Play back a recording of her actual barks, and she goes nuts. But fake barks, she could care less.

I, on the other hand, am amused. Simple entertainment for a simple mind.

I almost made a pig instead, but pigs don't bark. Go figure.


Astaryth said...

The pup... er Purp.. is cute.. I fed him a biscuit ::LOL::

Wil said...

Cute. Annoying, but cute. Bikky fed. Did you pet the llama when you came a-visitin'?