25 December 2005

Messy messy messy

konfektAs promised, making the konfekt was a messy endeavor.

You start with marzipan, then add nougat, chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, and whatever you can find in the 'baking' section of a grocery store.

When making konfekt, individual creativity is the only limit. Some folk made candy creations that were real food art; others of us just made a big mess. Anything that didn't turn out as planned, we had to eat. Some things that turned out just fine, we ate anyway.

The marzipan was the 'frosting' on a long day of eating, anyway. I'm pretty sure that the word jul is not really Danish for 'Christmas,' but rather Danish for 'stuff yourself until you burst.

elf foodWe are about to eat again, so I will just leave you with a picture of what Danes feed nisser (elves, kind of), including the bigest one of all, julemanden (known to Americans as Santa Claus). It's called risengrød, and it's a porridge/goo made from rice.

I'll tell more about it and about our actual Christmas Eve celebration, when I next get a chance to sit still without a fork in my hand.


Astaryth said...

I've been reading your adventures, and it sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday! Merry Christmas!
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Terre d'Esprit said...

Merry Christmas from the goats!