14 December 2005

The Martian's Decision

When I originally wrote the New Hair Day entry, I didn't have an "After" photo on it because I had given The Martian a choice on whether he wanted to wait and be surprised at the airport, or see a (bad) picture of the new 'do' now.

He decided he could not wait, and he thought I was an awful tease when I posted an entry with a before & no after photo. So I edited the New Hair Day entry, changed/added photos, and you can see the real transformation.

The 'after' photo is not the best picture (you can't really get a sense of the color & highlights), but the weather is nasty (tornado watch & occasional warnings!), so an indoor photo with flash is all I can do at the moment. The Martian will get some better ones in Denmark.

In those you will get to see the real "after," which is what you get when you try to do the cute styling all by yourself. Britany promised me that this cute cut would have a lot of options for straight, curly, pulled back, etc., so we'll be experimenting!


Astaryth said...

LOL! I do that... I go for a period of time, and then just walk in and say "Who wants to have some fun?" and then just turn myself over to them. I've had good and bad experiences doing this... but anything is probably better than what I would pick!
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Terre d'Esprit said...

OMG, the new 'do is stunning! I bet the Martian is salivating... : D

I'd hang onto that Britany-- does she ever travel to Iowa?