19 December 2005

In Denmark!

The nine-hour flight from Houston to Amsterdam was typically eventful. We left Houston quite late, which prompted one fellow passenger to have a screaming, crying fit in the waiting area at the airport. She was on her cell phone the first I noticed her carrying on; I thought she had just been notified that her entire family had been killed in some awful accident. But no, all her noise was about how she MIGHT miss her connection in Amsterdam. Turns out that despite leaving Houston late, we got to Amsterdam 2 minutes early.

I didn't sleep on the plane, although sometimes I do. This time, the problem was a 3-year-old who made it his mission to scream, at the top of his little lungs, for nine hours straight. I don't mean crying softly. I mean screaming like he was being tortured. Someday, some airline will offer a soundproofed "no chldren" section, and I will enjoy flying again.

A short hop from Amsterdam to Billund, Denmark was uneventful. I had the very first seat -- 1A -- on the plane, and all the leg room in the world. For a 1-hour flight. Poo!

I arrived in Billund to a blanket of new snow. The Martian said he was out with a spray gun all night just to make it all beautiful for me. Unfortunately, as we drove up toward Århus, the snow all but disappeared. We're also far enough north that the sun seems to start going down around 4:30 or so! It's not quite the shortest day of the year, but it's plenty short for this Southern gal!

This morning, it's snowing here in Århus, but it doesn't seem to be sticking. Still, it's a pretty way to wake up. The Martian lives out in the 'country' north of Århus, so it makes a nice winter scene that I'll try to capture with the camera today.

We'll go into the city this morning, since the Martian hasn't yet started on his Christmas shopping. More adventures to come, with pictures, I hope!

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More Pictures!!!!! ::LOL::